Before Reacting in a Fit of Rage, Ask These Important Questions to Yourself

In a relationship, everything is not a bed of roses. Couples go through a host of emotions together, as well as individually, which can affect their mental wellness at times. Sometimes, one loses their calm in a fit of rage, which hampers their mental peace. When an individual is in such a situation, he/she starts responding to questions instantaneously, without thinking rationally. Psychologist-counsellor Lucille Shackleton suggests that the next time you are in an emotional dilemma, ask yourself some questions before answering people to see the change.

Ask yourself these questions before reacting:

  1. Whenever you are vulnerable or going through a certain kind of emotion, ask yourself what caused them. You must try to identify what these emotions are and find out the exact reason behind feeling that way.
  1. If you know what acts as a trigger for your emotions, it will be easier for you to get a hold of yourself. Try avoiding things that trigger anger in you.
  2. Question yourself about what your reaction is like when you are too emotional. Also, analyse the outcome of such a reaction. Try to understand the impact of your reaction on others.
  3. Try to evaluate your response to someone’s question. Observe your body language and the way you talk to someone while going through an emotional dilemma. Always think about the reaction to your action, which will help you think rationally.
  1. Introspecting is really important for someone who is willing to work on their behaviour. You must keep a tab on how you feel after reacting in a fit of anger. If you feel guilty or regret the way you approached a situation, you must work on your anger issues first, which will consequently help you with your responses.

Try to implement these changes in your behaviour and ask yourself these questions before making a haste decision the next time you go through an emotional roller-coaster.