Tips and DIY Scrubs to Have a Healthy Scalp

Scalp health is the beauty buzzword for good reason; the length, luster, and health of your hair depend on the skin that covers your head. Each hair grows through an individual follicle which secretes sebum or oil. It is important to keep the follicle and scalp clean and healthy. In monsoons, the humidity triggers excess oil production in the scalp which combines with the moisture and traps dirt and dead skin cells.

Poor scalp health because of lack of care, product build-up, lack of moisture, or using the wrong kind of hair products can lead to dandruff, itchy scalp, and inflammation. Celebrated hairdresser and certified trichologist, Guy Parsons, in an interview with Harper Bazaar recommended washing hair every other day. He also warns about the usage of known irritants like gels, mousses, or hairsprays that has a high alcohol content as these could cause extreme dryness to the scalp.


  1. Using gentle hair care products

Avoid using products with sulfates, alcohol, or fragrances as these products could strip the moisture off your hair. Avoid hair care products with harsh chemicals and hair treatments such as dye and bleach.

  1. Shampoo Gently

Use shampoo only on the scalp and massage it in circular motions instead of scrubbing it roughly or with nails.

  1. Try Supplements

Talk to your doctor and see which supplements your body needs. In a 2015 study published in the National Library of Medicine, women who had hair thinning issues took a fish oil supplement for 90 days and experienced increased hair growth and strength.

  1. Intake of Antioxidants

Having a diet rich in antioxidants can improve the health of the scalp and cause less hair loss.

  1. Scalp Scrubs

Scalp scrubs exfoliate the scalp by removing excess skin cells, oil product buildup, and dandruff, etc.

You can make scalp scrubs at home too. Try out these two DIY scalp scrubs for a healthy scalp:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut oil, Honey, and salt scrub
  • The vinegar in this scrub helps in killing the fungus and stimulates hair growth.
  • The oil and honey work as moisturizing agents while the salt acts as an exfoliator.
  • Lemon, Sea Salt, and Olive Oil scrub
  • Lemon juice works as a great exfoliator. While olive oil is rich in several vitamins such as A and E, nourishes your scalp and hair. Sea salt can help in removing flakes from your scalp.